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YouTube Poop-- Mama Luigi is a Level 9,999 Scouter

Nappa: VEGETA, what does Nintendo Power say about LUIGI's scouter level?

[Screenshot of "Nintendo Power" opened to a page of Mama Luigi, with a list of Dungeons and Dragons-like statistics, showing his level as 9,999]

Vegeta: It's over NINE THOUSAAAAANNNNDD!!!!!!!

Mama Luigi: That's MAMA Luigi to you, Nappa!

Nappa: What does Nintendo Power say about LINK's SWORD level?

[Screenshot of "Nintendo Power" opened to a "guide" to Link: The Faces of Evil, with Link's Sword level displayed as 9-and-a-half]

Vegeta: It's... over nine...

Nappa: There's no WAY that could be right!... COULD IT?!!?!?!?!

[Mario from the Super Mario World cartoon is shown laughing hysterically at this]

Link: Huh?

Mario: If you need instructions on how to SUCK, check out YOUR FACE!

Link: [higher pitch] YOU MUST DIE!!

[shows Link's "Dodongo's!" animation, with a throwing sound effect, then showing a recording and sound of a huge explosion]

Link: I just bombed the PESKY PLUMMER!

Narrator from Super Friends: Meanwhile, in the Great Hall of DINNER...

Squaddelah: Your Majesty, MAMA LUIGI and LINK have seized the Island of Namek.

The King: Hmm... Send GANNON!

Squaddelah: There is no time! YOUR MAJESTY is enough!

Gannon: Make me join THE KING, or else SQUADDELAH! will DIE.

The King: Enough. My ship sails in the morning.

Gannon: No!

The King: Enough.

Gannon: No!

The King: Enough.

[Repeat a few times with increasing speed and pitch]

The King: Take him away!

Squaddelah: Your majesty.

Gannon: THE CHAINS!!

[backwards animation of Squaddelah flying to Hyrule Castle]

Koopaling: This is a volcano!

George Volcano: Hello, Tyrannosaurus Allen!

Gannon: No! Not into GEORGE VOLCANO!

Tyrannosaurus Allen: Fill YOUR FACE with volcanicity?

[close up of Gannon's ugly face with a watery effect and glugging sound]

George Volcano: My, you're thirsty!

Gannon: [flapping arms] I DO feel hydrated!

Mama Luigi: I hope YOUR FACE makes lotsa spaghetti!

Link: Yeah! I can't wait to make you DIE.

Squaddela: MAMA LUIGI and LINK are evil!
Why "mini-teaser?" Not a proper-sized teaser, now is it? Will add more, which will probably also be in Scraps... unless it's long and good enough to be in my gallery. o.o

With careful enough editing, you should be able to make it sound like Nappa himself would really be saying "Nintendo Power"...

[link] DQF3PEkgzcY
(should be "Equals D" but dA is stupid...)

EDIT: Added a bit more. Not so mini, but still not done yet. I want it to be a long enough script for a proper YouTube Poop.

...get the hint? ;)

EDIT2: Added even more. Suggestions plz.
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THEMrDrunkenFox Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008

I'm still waiting for someone to steal this. =P
Skutchi Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008
Not bad ^^
Thanks! :D
Armboy Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2007
i love you.
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